Sun Chakra Yoga

Thank you so much for the wonderful yoga class. After just a couple of classes I can feel my muscles becoming more toned and stronger. I look forward to attending more classes. - CG
I've never taken yoga before (41 years young). I was one of those whom thought it was too slow moving, I thought because I wasn't a sweaty mess after, that I wasn't getting a workout and never thought I could relax enough to get the most out of it. I was proven 100% wrong. I love it, and I thank Tamara for that! She is a wonderful yoga instructor, her knowledge of the art is wonderful and has the most amazing way of getting me to feel completely relaxed, talks the beginner through every move, allows for options for that "not so flexible newby" and later that day and the next day...boy do I feel like I worked out!. I look forward to my classes each week.  So glad I took that first step! -MB
Yoga with Tamara is a real treat! Tamara makes yoga relaxing, yet invigorating. I am enjoying every class and always look forward to the next! -KA

"I am thoroughly enjoying my Yoga practice with Tamara! She offers a complete workout from the inside out! Her knowledge of yoga combined with her ability to teach poses and their meaning as well as proper alignment and breath control makes her workouts both challenging and educational. Tamara's soothing voice and wonderful sense of humor make the environment a fun one in which to practice! Truly motivating! Thank you Tamara!" -MJ

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